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An airport in Tampa, Florida, has had to temporarily close its runways to keep up with Earth’s magnetic north pole, which is drifting toward Russia at an expected rate of 40 miles per year due to which there was a runway closure. The pole shift hypothesis describes a change in location of these poles with respect to the underlying surface – a phenomenon distinct from the changes in axial orientation with respect to the plane of the ecliptic that are caused by precession and nutation.Read More..

Few earthquakes were reported in the Seven Trees area five miles (8 km) south of San Jose, California, Silicon Valley’s biggest city, late on Friday afternoon.San Jose Fire Department Captain Mary Gutierrez declared officially that there were no immediate reports of damage from the magnitude 4.1 and magnitude 2.6 quakes. Shaking was felt as far away as San Francisco, 55 miles (88 km) north of Seven Trees.