Animal Deaths

There has been an emerging news from Areas of United States in the very first week of New Year that thousands of birds have been found dead.Not Even Birds, The category goes even further to deaths of Starfish in Carolina , bats in Arizona and also the fallen birds in areas of Arkansas and Louisiana.No one knows , whats the Exact cause of this sudden death of animals in these regions.Moreover , the numbers are increasing so fast that there is a Google Map of this event in past few days.Scientists are confused for the cause.Is it due to Global Warming ? Who knows , whats the reason , but the numbers are exponentially increasing every year !

Mac App Store

Apple has officially started the Mac App Store which is available to use now. They have released thousands of mini products which also includes the Apple’s environment applications.The application sets includes Compartments, Flight Control HD , Little Snapper , Pixelmator , rubiTrack , SketchBook Pro,Things, Yumpy Soups.Application for apple include Pages , Keynote , Numbers , iMovie’11 , iPhoto’11 , Aperture 3 , Garage Band and many more.The application is easy to use and install.It will not be wrong to say that , They have got the things that you need in your Mac.
We will be back with more details of the application soon.Stay tuned at infotweaks.If any of you have been using the application so far , don’t forget to leave a comment.